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Giorgie Cpajak MA

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary Italian Sculptor
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Sculptor Giorgie Cpajak MA
Giorgie Cpajak

About Giorgie Cpajak

Giorgie Cpajak is Italian-based, makes dynamic, floating forms in coloured marble which appear to defy gravity. He works in marble and granite, as well as in bronze and wood for indoor and outdoor display. His style is semi-abstract and symbolic; he believes an artistic environment should be not so much realistic as poetic.
Sculptor Giorgie Cpajak MA
Working photos

Exhibition History of Giorgie Cpajak

2002. Internetional Exibition of Sculpture, Miyazaki Airport, Japan
2001. Ai-cho 2001 Exibition, (Japan)
2001. International biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan
2000. Group show in Centro Culturale spiritualita fra Benedeto Silico di Pieve, Fosciiana (Italy)
2001. Cultural Gallery of Taipei Main Station, Taiwan
1999. XIV Colletiva d`arte, Fiera di San Grepre, Italy
1999. Award of Sulmona, International Exhibition of Art, Italy
1999. Hualien County Cultural Center, Hualien, Taiwan
1999. Cultural Gallery of Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan
1998. International Exhibition `Open Air Sculpture` in Kobe, Japan
1998. International Exhibition `Asago Festival 2001`, Asago, Japan
1997. International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan
1997. `In honour of Sam` - Sculpture in square and church, Pietrasanta, Italy
1997. International sculptors working in Etruria, Commune of Saint Niccole, Italy
1996. Chillford Halls, Cambridge, England `Artists of Pietrasanta`
1996. Hualien County Cultural Center, Taiwan
1995. 6th Competetion of Sculpture, Sanda, Japan
1995. XXII Award of Sulmona, International Exhibition of Art, Italy
1995. Exhibition of Sculpture, Cultural Center of Carrara, Italy
1995. Exhibition `La Pietra Lavorata`, Castel San Niccolo, Italy
1995. International Triennale of Sculpture, Osaka, Japan
1995. International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan
1995. Award `Rinaldo Carnielo` Bardini Museum, Florence, Italy
1994. Award `Sulmona 94` Sulmona, Italy
1994. Gallery216, Viareggo, Italy
1994. International Biennale of Contemprorary Art, G.Milanovac, Yugoslavia
1993. Int. Exhibition of Art, Sulmona, Italy
1993. Exhibition `Giacomo Puccini Ogggi`, Paolina Palace, Viareggio, Italy

Working photos

Biography / CV of Giorgie Cpajak

Born 1961. in Yugoslavia

From 1989. Lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy (Predominantly works monumental and small
sculptures in stone, wood and metal). His works are part of numerous private collections and
museums world wide (Italy, France, China, Korea, Japan...)

Working photos

Awards and Prizes of Giorgie Cpajak

2006. Outstanding award, Beijing Olympic Design Project, China
2002. First prize of International Symposium of Sculpture, Icheon, South Korea
2000. First prize of International Symposium of Sculpture, Verona, Italy
1995. Acquisition Prize, International Triennial of Sculpture, Osaka, Japan
1995. Acquisition Prize, International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan
1994. First prize for sculpture, International Biennale of Modern Art, G.Milanovac, Yugoslavia
1993. Prize of competition `Giacommo Puccini today`, by `La Nazione` Daily newspaper, Italy
1988. Prize acquisition for New Members of U.L.U.S.- union of Fine Artists, Belgrade
1987. Prize for sculpture in stone, University of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia


2007. Inter. Art festival, Dubai, UAE
2006. Inter. Sculpture Symposium, Cerisy la Foret, France
2006. 2nd International sculpture meeting, La Cisterniga, Spain
2006. South Korea Young Artists Biennale Intern. Sculpture Symposium, Daegu City
2006. Inonu University International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium, Malataya, Tyrkey
2005. Inter.Symposium of sculpture, Bahrein
2005. Inter.Symposium of Sculpture, Icheon, South Korea
2005. Boryoung International symposium of sculpture-Mosan Museum, South Korea
2005. Intern.Symposium of sculpture, Tudela di Duero, Spain
2005. Inter. Symposium of Sculpture, Almazan, Spain
2004. Inter. Symposium of sculpture, Bramming, Danmark
2004. Inter. Symposium of sculpture, Caerleon, Great Britany
2004. Inter.Symposium of sculpture, Latachia, Syria
2004. Inter.Art Symposium, Dubai, UA Emirates
2003. Inter. Symposium, Byblos, Lebanon
2003. Inter. Symposium, Buyukcekmece, Turkey
2003. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Essauira, Maroc
2002. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Ichon, South Korea
2002. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Fes, Maroc
2001. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Carrara, Italy
2001. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Rachana, Lebanon
2000. International Symposium of Sculpture, Iwate, Japan
2000. International Symposium of Sculpture, Verona, Italy
1999. International Symposium of Sculpture, Allauch, France
1999. International Symposium of Sculpture, Hualien, Taiwan
1998. International Symposium of Sculpture, La Norma, France
1997. II Da-Yang-Ku Modern Landscape Symposium, Guilin, China
1997. Three Sculptors in Parco delle Piaggie, Pisa, Italy
1996. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Ogungre Art Village, South Korea
1995. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Carrara, Italy
1995. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Taulada, Sardenia, Italy
1995. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Atri, Italy
1994. Int. Sculpture Symposium, Saint Victoret, France
1993. III Symposium of Art, `Pisa Open`, Pisa, Italy

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Giorgie Cpajak

2002. Made a marble relief 10x15m (BMW, Munich) for Pinoteka Museum in Munich.
2001. Acquisition of Toyamura Museum, Japan
1999. Acquisition by Hualien County Cultural Center, Taiwan
1998. Special award by `Asago 2001 Festival`, Tataragi, Japan
1997. Semi-Grand Prize of International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan
1997. Acquisition by Hualien County Cultural Center, Taiwan
1993. Acquisition by `Chung Kiu Chinese Products, Ltd.`, Hong Kong
1987. White Angel Collection, Milesevo, Yugoslavia

Public Works of Giorgie Cpajak

Public works
Big-size public works in more than 30 towns world wide:
Dubai, UAE (monumental stone sculpture)
La Cisterniga, Spain (monumental sculpture in metal)
Daegu City, South Korea (monumental sculpture in Duryu Park Amphitheater)
Malatya, Turkey (monumental sculpture of stone)
Icheon, South Korea (monumental sculpture of granite)
Fez, Maroc (monumental sculpture of marble)
Carrara, Italy (monumental sculpture on square
Rachana, Lebanon (monumental sculpture in park)
San Victoret, France (monumental sculpture of marble, Public Square)
Atri, Italy (big sculpture of granite, Public Square)
Marina di Carrara, Italy (big sculpture of marble, Square by the Sea)
Teulada, Sardenia (monumental sculpture of granite, Open Air Museum)
Ogungri, South Korea (monumental sculpture of granite, Museum at the Lake)
Pisa, Italy (big sculpture of wood, Parco della Piaggia by the river Arno)
La Norma, France (monumental sculpture of marble, public square)
Guilin, China (monumental sculpture of granite, Park of Sculpture)
Hualien, Taiwan (monumental sculpture of marble, Open air museum)
Allauch, France (monumental sculpture of granite, public square)
Iwate, Japan (monumental sculpture of granite, Park of sculptura)
Verona, Italy (monumental sculpture of marble, Public square)
Essauira, Maroco (monumental sculpture in stone)
Buyukcekmece, Turkey (monumental sculpture in marble)
Byblos, Lebanon (monumental sculpture in stone)
Dubai, UA Emirates (monumental sculpture on shopping square)
Caerleon, G.Britany (public sculpture of wood)
Latachia, Syria (monumental sculpture of granite in park)
Bramming, Danmark (monumental sculpture of granite in park)
Boryoung, South Korea (monumental sculpture of granite in Mosan Museum) ?.
Ventspils, Latvia (monumental sculpture of granite)
Mersin, Tyrkey (monumental sculpture of marble)
Cherisy la Foret (monumental marble sculpture in park)

Qualifications / Education of Giorgie Cpajak

1989. Masters degree in Fine Arts, University of Belgrade

Publications / Media / Bibliography of Giorgie Cpajak

2003. His work entered in book `Versilia and art` by Lodovico Geirut

2005. His sculptures published in `THE SCULPTOR`S BIBLE` by John Plowman, UK

Teaching Experience

From 1990. - 1994. Works as a part time teacher at Academy of fine Arts, Stockholm (Sweden) where
he teaches: Working modern sculpture in stone.

From 1990. till now he teach students from different countries to carving marble sculpture in his studio
in Pietrasanta, Italy (hold courses for make sculpture in marble).

Price Range of Work

Giorgie Cpajak's work has a price range from £2,260 to £15,815

Mediums utilised

Giorgie Cpajak's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Giorgie Cpajak's work is found in the following categories on site:
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary (16)
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary (11)
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (11)
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary (8)
Carved Stone, Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone Granite Lime stone (6)
Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes (5)
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines (5)
Small / Little Abstract Contemporary Sculptures / Statues (4)
Organic / Abstract Sculpture (4)
Square Rectangular Cube shaped Abstract sculpture statue (4)
Carved Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statue carving (3)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (3)
Geometric Sculpture Statues statuary statuettes. Usually Abstract Contemporary Modern work (3)
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue (3)
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines (3)
Human Form: Abstract Sculptures (2)
Water Features, Fountains and Cascades (2)
Cloud, Breeze, Wave and Wind Sculptures (2)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (2)
Fantasy sculpture or Statue
Monumental Sculptures
Contented Happy Relaxed Sculpture or Statue
Objects of desire Sculptures
Little Small Nude or Naked Girls Women Ladies Females Sculpture Statue statuettes Figurines
Public Art Sculpture
Nudes / Male Sculpture
Champions Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines
Nudes, Female Sculptures
Classical Style Sculptures and Statues
Abstract Loop Indoor and Outside Sculptures / Statues / statuettes
Birds Abstract Contemporary Stylised l Minimalist Sculpture / Statues
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues
Spherical Globe like Ball shaped Round Abstract Contemporary sculpture statue statuette
Conservatory Sculptures
Anatomy, Hands and Feet and other human parts of the body Sculptures
Abstract Contemporary or Modern Large Public Art sculpture Statues statuary
Fruit Sculpture
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures
Repetitive Form / Shape Abstract Sculptures / Statues
Plant Outdoor Outside Garden or Yard sculpture statue statuette
Drapery Sculpture Statue Statuettes Carvings
Friendship Friends chummyness Amicability Camaraderie Cordility Kindred Spirit
Landscape Mountains Countryside Sculptures Statues statuettes
Happiness / Joy / Exuberance / Wild Pleasure sculpture
Spiral Twisted sculpture / statue / carving
Abstract Plants Fruits Trees Leaves Flowers Statues Sculptures

ArtParkS Sculpture Park Yearly exhibitions

Giorgie Cpajak's work has been exhibited at the following yearly exhibitions held at the ArtParkS sculpture park:
2012 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2011 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2010 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
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